Giving the gift

of resilience,

one child at a time.

The emPowered Kidz Mission

We are committed to making a child's life as successful as he or she chooses it to be.  We want them to succeed.  To that end, we make a promise to provide a twelve year relationship with each child in our program. We think long term commitments to a child's welfare are integral to their growth and development.  So, in addition to our programs, we provide counseling services, child advocacy, and community restoration wherein we place within certain stressed communities trained individuals who have chosen to live at those locations and seek to build the social structure of that community from the inside out.  Social transformation, as it is called, begins with a "Common House" that becomes the center for these broken neighborhoods.  Some of our children enjoy our programs and are positively affected by the virtues and values they learn, but go home afterward to sometimes dangerous or dysfunctional environments.  By transforming these living conditions by sharing common things, we seek to help children by helping their families be successful as well.  Whomever we serve, we seek to build resilience.  There are ten ways we offer the gift of resilience:


1. A relationship with a caring adult
2. An opportunity to contribute and be seen as a resource
3. Create effectivencess in work, play, and relationships
4. Healthy expectations and a positive outlook
5. Self-esteem and assisting each child in reaching personal goals
6. Self-discipline
7. Problem Solving and critical thinking skills
8. A sense of humor
9. Independence and appropriate control of their environment
10. A sense of over all well-being​

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